MCSE Distributed File System

A Distributed File System (DFS) is a file structure that facilitates sharing of data files and resources by means of consistent storage across a network. The earliest file servers were designed in the 1970s. Following its inception in 1985, Sun’s Network File System (NFS) eventually became the foremost commonly used distributed file system. Aside from

How to Repair Corrupt Superblock in Ext2 File System

In the Linux systems, the ext2 (short for second extended file system) is used extensively by numerous users. The Ext2 is very efficient when dealing with real large disk partitions. In addition, when the ext2 is mounted then all the information that is stored in the disk data structures is copied into the RAM of

Distributed File System Or Centralized File Systems?

Many professionals, especially engineers and architects are working from home offices or collaborating with small teams no longer centralized in a home office location, but rather spread all over the country. How does the engineer in Philadelphia share large CAD files with the General Contractor who is doing the project in Tampa? The old system